Catering Menus to your Taste

When it comes to catering, choice is everything. At Kasbah we have an extensive range of set catering menus which are designed to the highest standard with a wide selection of colors and flavours to choose from. All our food is made from fresh ingredients and we use produce from ethical sources including local, fair trade and free range wherever possible.

Kasbah will cater for every occasion including weddings, corporate events and other special occasions. Our menus span a wide variety of styles, from canap├ęs and bowl food to buffets and catering for seated dinner parties. We also have a selection of seasonal menus for if you wanted something for a particular time of year including barbecues and picnics

If you would like something a little different you'll be pleased to know that all of our catering menus can be tailored to suit your taste.

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1.Appetizers-Soups.pdf 1.Appetizers-Soups.pdf
Size : 70.448 Kb
Type : pdf
2.Canapes.pdf 2.Canapes.pdf
Size : 73.844 Kb
Type : pdf
3.Meat Entrees.pdf 3.Meat Entrees.pdf
Size : 78.292 Kb
Type : pdf
4.Pasta dishes.pdf 4.Pasta dishes.pdf
Size : 67.839 Kb
Type : pdf
5.Burgers and Sandwiches.pdf 5.Burgers and Sandwiches.pdf
Size : 74.951 Kb
Type : pdf
6.Sides and Stir-fries.pdf 6.Sides and Stir-fries.pdf
Size : 70.483 Kb
Type : pdf
7.Vegeterian dishes.pdf 7.Vegeterian dishes.pdf
Size : 129.195 Kb
Type : pdf
8.Salads.pdf 8.Salads.pdf
Size : 67.417 Kb
Type : pdf
9.Desserts.pdf 9.Desserts.pdf
Size : 66.99 Kb
Type : pdf